Who are we?
Who are we?

Korsvag Heraldry Art

What is the Shire of Korsvag?

The Shire of Korsvag is the local group of the national organization, the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). What the SCA attempts to do is recreate the middle ages from 600-1600 A.D. that includes anything and everything anyone wishes to attempt.

Each weekend there are dozens of events going on in the United States and Canada, and at each event different activities take place. Some events are for fighting a tournament, some for displaying Arts & Sciences (crafts) and some for both of these. These events take place in different cities that have SCA names. The United States and Canada and other countries around the world are broken down into different Kingdoms that are ruled by a King and Queen. The King (or Queen) won a Crown Tournament for their inspiration and their right to sit on the throne. Their reign lasts for approximately six months until a new tournament is held to replace them. Some Kingdoms have Principalities that are ruled by a Prince and Princess that won a Coronet Tournament who also rule for six months. Along with the King and Queen there are Kingdom officers who take care of running the Kingdom and the same for each Principality.

The SCA has so many aspects that as long as you have a passing interest in anything from 1600 or before, you should be able to find something you wish to do. To find more about the SCA, click here: SCA. This is the homepage for the SCA and should give a good look to most of the aspects of the SCA.

Activities that members do include:

Picture showing heavy weapons fighting

heavy weapons fighting, fencing,

brewing, cooking,

Picture showing embroidery

sewing, embroidery, felting, weaving,

Picture of person in armour

armour making, weapon making,

Picture showing example of caligraphy

heraldry, illumination, calligraphy and much more.
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