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The Shire calendar shows the  meetings and events  of the Shire of Korsvag.
Click here for a list of events throughout the entire Kingdom of Northshield.

Additions and changes to this schedule should be given to the Web Minister, Tina Adams (adamsknighterrant@yahoo.com),  so that the calendar may be properly updated.

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For Fighters Practice, Business Meetings,
A&S Activities
To be held online until further notice
In-Person Gatherings have been suspended: See the Important Notice

Although physically we are not gathering, there are many online classes and gatherings taking place. Please be sure to check our Facebook Page by Clicking Here for further information.

Archery Practice Schedule and Information Sundays
In-Person Gatherings have been suspended: See the Important Notice

Archery Practice Schedule

Sandhills Archery Club
3001 Charyl Ave NW
West Fargo, ND 58078

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***Please take note of the following information***

Sandhills Archery Club is a membership-only archery range, so you will need to purchase a membership to participate. For a limited time, you are allowed to attend as a guest, but you must be admitted by an active member of the club.  

If you are attending as a guest, please bring your own arm guard and finger gloves--we do have loaner bows and arrows.

Also, A Note for Parents: You must be in attendance for your children to shoot at the range during our practices. You are responsible for your children and we ask that you do not leave them unattended in the lounge area during archery practice. As safety for all of our members and their families is our first concern, be sure that your children understand and follow the safety directions on the range.

Important Notice
From Aug.1, 2020 to Jan. 31, 2021
SCA Events Suspended Through January 31, 2020

It has been determined by the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) that there will be no in-person events until after January 31 of 2021. Please Click Here to view the missive from the BOD.

Local gatherings for Korsvag are at the discretion of the Kingdom of Northshield.

Northshield Guidelines for August

1. All groups will follow federal (including CDC), province, state and local mandates, recommendations, and guidelines regarding meeting sizes and emergency measures.

2. Please follow your local government guidelines for group gatherings.  Masks for all attendees are highly recommended.  They should be worn properly and cover the nose and mouth. It is the attendee’s responsibility to provide their own mask. Anyone who has an underlying condition that may increase risk should not attend an event until the CDC has deemed it appropriate, please use your best judgment in these matters.  Please practice social distancing and remain the suggested distance (6 ft) from one another when gathering.

3. Archery, Thrown Weapons, and Equestrian activities can resume as long as they meet the requirements of items 1 &  2.  Armored, Rapier and Boffer combat as they do not allow maintaining a 6’ distance shall continue to be prohibited at official activities.This will be revisited as CDC guidelines and as other similar activities change their recommendations.

Please continue to remain safe and healthy.  We look forward to seeing you all again at the first safe opportunity. 

Thank you,

Baroness Alinore Wyndover
Northshield Kingdom Seneschal

Duke Vladimir Radescu
Northshield Kingdom Earl Marshal

Please stay tuned for further information.
Archery Practice Sundays
Canceled  through Jun. 30 per the above missive
Fighters Practice
A&S Activities
Canceled  through Jun. 30 per the above missive

Online Business Meeting
Online Gathering
First Thursday of the Month
7:00 PM -- 9:30 PM
Click Here to visit our Facebook page for further details regarding the online meeting link.

Online Gatherings
Thursdays (Except for the First Thursday of the Month)
Thursday evenings are our usual days to meet online. A link to the meeting as well as time for the meeting will be posted to our Facebook page prior to the meeting.

Click Here to visit our Facebook page for further details regarding the online meeting link.

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