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Shire of Korsvag
Welcome to the Shire of Korsvag!

  Korsvag is the local chapter of the Society of Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA), an international historical recreation group. We are located in Fargo, North Dakota and the surrounding metro area.  The Shire of Korsvag (Norse for "Crossroads") is located in the Kingdom of Northshield.

   As a part of the SCA, we enjoy a wide variety of activities such as costuming, dancing, cooking, weaving, metal working, spinning, dyeing, calligraphy, illumination, armored combat, rapier combat and archery, to name a few.

  Korsvag is always happy to welcome new people, so please feel free to come to our practices, meetings or activity days. Paid membership is not required to participate.  You can contact our Seneschal (president) Alex Sander or our webminster Tina Adams (Lady Tanwynn) for further information.

Please see the Calendar for Meetings, Arts & Sciences Activities, Archery Practice, and Fighter's Practice times and locations.

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Picture of Several Korsvag Shire Members in pre-seventeenth century clothing

Doucette: Commercially produced savory tarts baked in a sweet dough, filled with meat, foul, fish, jelly, fruit, or combinations of these, sold in bakeries ready for tavern, home, or "take out.".
- Madeleine Pelner Cosman (2007). Medieval Wordbook. New York: Fall River Press. 1-276.
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